Simply email your name, age, address and postcode, and 

don't forget to attach a snapshot photo of yourself  

to your email message. 








All model finalists will be chosen from their
photos they submit via email / post and will be notified by email or post if successful.  


All contestants under 18 must be
accompanied by an adult or guardian
during the competition.

All Model Search UK staff are checked by the CRB

(Criminal Records Bureau UK).

All information received is kept strictly
confidential and will not be forwarded to
any third parties.


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 Please note: We don't offer a drop in service to the public wanting to visit our office.

All correspondence must be made 

by email or post.


  1. THE RULES - No expenses will be paid for the contestants' or families' expenses for attendance at the model final.

  2. We understand that you may want to book your hotel and transport arrangements at your own cost well in advance. However, we kindly advise parents and finalists, not to book any hotel accommodation or public transport arrangements till you have received your final What Happen Next event pack in the post. We will send your final events pack out at least Three weeks prior to the grand final.  

  3. Please note: Due to people moving houses, and letters getting lost in the post. The onus is on you the parent, or the contestant to contact us by email if you don't  receive your What Happen Next event pack in the post.

  4. The Model Search UK event organisers have the absolute right to re-schedule or change the venue and dates for the Model Girl-Guy  2019 grand final. 

  5. All sponsor fees paid to Model Search UK are NON RE FUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE. 

  6. The organizer will take no responsibility for any injury to any contestant or supporter or for any loss or damage to the contestant’s or supporter’s belongings during the Model Girl/Guy contest.

  7. On the day of the final, competitors will report to the organizer at the venue and time stated by the organizer (no later).
  8. Competitors must be 13 or over. All competitors under 18 must fill in a written entry form, have it signed by a parent or guardian. and be accompanied by an adult during the Model Search UK gala evening between 7:30pm and 10pm.
  9. There is no door admission charge for Model Girl/Guy UK finalists. Family and supporters can purchase tickets for the gala evening: tickets will be on sale at the hotel  venue on the night. 7pm, Adults £25 each - child £15 each. Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. The one parent or one guardian supervising a model finalist under 18 will get one free pass for attendance at the gala evening. Please note: the FREE pass is only for one parent or one guardian supervising a minor under 18.
  10. There are no height or marital status restrictions on competitors.
  11. All finalists will parade in their own set of eveningwear (long or short evening dress) The dress code for men may vary from causal wear to formal eveningwear.
  12. The  pageant director reserves the right to appoint such judges as he decides.
  13.   The  pageant directors decision on ALL matters is FINAL & BINDING. .
  14. The organizer reserves the right to alter the prizes at his discretion.
  15. The organizer is entitled to use the finalists’ and winners’ name and photographs for publicity related to Model Search UK.
  16. All contestants and her/his supporters must conduct themselves in a responsible and sportsmanlike manner.
  17. All our Modelling competitions for Girls and Guy are open to competitors living anywhere in the UK &  Ireland Region.
  18. A sponsor will be needed in all of our UK competitions and heats., all this information on sponsorship and how to find a sponsor will be sent in the post via royal mail or in a email.
  19. Refund Policy. Please note: before you pay your sponsor fee. All deposit fees and full sponsor fees paid to Model Search UK are NON RE FUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE. 

  20. We don't promise the model winners any modelling work or services. our obligations to the winners end when they have received their prizes as the winners on the evening of the pageant..
  21. Please note: We don't offer a drop in service to the public wanting to visit our office. All correspondence must be made by email or post / telephone.
  22. The Sash sponsors details, You are responsible to your sponsor and you or your parent MUST send us the company sponsors form signed and the company sponsors name to be printed on your sash one week before the UK final. Please note: if we don’t hear from you,  we will just print your name on the sash.








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Please note: We don't offer a drop in service to the public wanting to visit our office.

All correspondence must be made 

by email or post.


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